Peter Coppola

This legend in the hair industry coined the term "Unisex", and forged a pathway for hair salons across the country. We provided several hair-focused fashion editorial photoshoots, and a full redesign of their eCommerce website.

Agency of Record

As their exclusive digital creative agency, we were entrusted by Peter Coppola with the majority of their creative content production. We shot fashion editorials, rebuilt & redesigned their website, supplied the content for their social media accounts, and produced educational video content.

Fashion Editorial

We love the opportunity to shoot a fashion editorial series, especially within the hair industry. We were fortunate enough to execute three large still campaigns with Peter Coppola Beauty. Utilizing a diverse collection of models from Portland as well as national agencies, we were able to cultivate a solid team of talent and hair types to showcase the capabilities of the hair products.

Hair Product Lifestyle Photography

Working with hair in the field is a challenge, as the changing elements and lack of studio-controlled power creates all kinds of challenges in keeping things styled and under control. We were blessed to work with a top-tier hair and styling team to ensure that our models looked their best when our photographers executed our lifestyle editorial photoshoots.

Hair Product Web Design

Utilizing our studio and lifestyle editorial photography, we rebuild Peter Coppola's website from the ground up on the Shopify platform. Migrating from Magento was a much-needed move to allow them to be able to access and change their product offerings without relying on an outside company.

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