Video Production

When you hear a really good story, you find yourself immersed within it. You become one of the characters, you experience the adventure, and you care deeply about how it ends. We take the same approach with video production. If somebody is taking the time to listen to your brand's story, don't you want them truly immersed in the experience? We do too.

The true beauty of video production is scalability. We've produced commercial-level video work with 30-person crew, and some with a 3-person crew. Let us know your budget and your goals, and we'll do our best to bring the right people and equipment to the table to suit your needs.

Our Focus:
Aerial Videography (Helicopter)
Aerial Videography (Drone)
Brand / Interview

Aerial Videography
We're immensely excited to announce we have taken to the skies. WE ARE PDX's aerial department is headed up by decorated helicopter pilot Sean McLaughlin, and in partnership with VIA films, we're able to offer CineFlex helicopter aerial video production services utilizing the Phantom FLEX 4k, and the RED Helium 8k.

Super Nintendo Camera Rig

Portland Helicopter Aerial Videographer

Here are a few of our favorite video projects we've worked on: