Orox Leather Company Motorcycle Backback

Orox Leather Co

One family is keeping four generations of master craftsmanship alive in their handmade leather products.

Orox Leather Company is a family-run business of artisans who have been practicing their craft for generations. We've rebuilt their website, handled all eCommerce product photography, provided lifestyle social media content, designed seasonal print catalogs, and much more.

Man wearing Orox Leather Co

Orox Leather Co Website Design

Built from scratch on the Shopify platform, we wanted to give Orox an organic-feeling, high-end marketplace for their products that can continue to grow and expand with them.

Director/DP: Micah Cruver - Camera Op: Tyler Hansen - PAs: Nick Pasquale, Ayla Henderson - Photographers: Maria Orlova, Will Corwin

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